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This website co-ordinates the Peer Review Process for the 2017 National DEFSA Conference. 

Peer review is one of the bricks in the foundation supporting science. Research results are not published on the DEFSA website ( until papers successfully pass review by a gauntlet of scientific peers and respected academics, who scrutinize the paper for faulty findings, gaps in logic or less-than-meticulous methods.  Peer Reviewers are "by invitation" and are approved by the Conference Committee. Reviewers must include information on their DEFSA profile page on their institution, disciplines and academic background which allows the committee to allocate relevant papers to reviewers.


Design educators reflect on the call for the decolonisation of education

The calls by South African students for decolonised education have been emphatically pro­fessed, loud and clear. This call will be addressed at the 14th National Design Education Conference of the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA), hosted by the Tshwane University of Technology’s Faculty of the Arts and Inscape Education Group from 27 – 29 September at Freedom Park, City of Tshwane.

With the 2017 #Decolonise! Conference design educators are provided with the opportunity to reflect on, and critically interrogate the notion of Decolonisation in relation to design education with the aim of trans­forming existing practices. Asking questions on who, what, where, when and how?

Through strategic partnerships with Freedom Park, and its Department of Heritage and Knowledge, and the City of Tshwane, the Design Education Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA) invites all role-players in design to submit academic papers that will contribute to this discourse. You do not need to be a DEFSA member (or work at an institution that is a DEFSA member) to submit a paper.

Questions that require our urgent attention include:

  • What is our understanding of the call for decolonised education?
  • How do our curricula and pedagogical approaches stand up to this call?
  • What values, assumptions and truths underlie our discipline?
  • To what extent do we incorporate the context and knowledge of the South, and more specifically of Africa into our discipline?
  • How do we bring practitioners of design into the conversation?
  • How are we contributing textbooks and learning resources to this project?
  • What do our students have to say on these issues?

Keynote Speaker - Professor George J. Sefa Dei 

Ghanaian-born George Sefa Dei is a renowned educator, researcher and writer who is considered by many as one of Canada’s foremost scholars on race and anti-racism studies. He is a widely sought after academic, researcher and international speaker in US, Europe and Africa.

"Decolonization is an important concept.  This Conference promises to engage cutting edge scholarship on the topic, fleshing out the tensions, limitations and possibilities of decoloniality as it implicates design education  in Africa and other international comparative contexts."